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Proven Evidences That Traveling Improves Health
by:  Travia Staff

1. Travelling reduces your level of stress

This may not be a big surprise to you personally, but still it’s been scientifically proven that travel improves your pleasure, reduce your despression symptoms.   A study discovered that a few days following holiday retreat, vacationers felt well-rested, less anxious, and in a much better mood. And these improvements didn’t disappear when they returned home, they lasted for weeks after that.

2. Travel will lessen your probability of cardio disease

That’s because people who wander off away from their homes for a little vacation tend to be less stressed and anxious — or maybe they’re wanting to take a break from their own stressors.  Because of this, the long-running Framingham Heart Study uncovered that many of us who traveled annually were much less likely to experience a cardiac arrest or develop heart problem.

3. Vacationing exposes you to different types of environment,

    which creates stronger antibodies and maximize your body's

    defense system considerably.

Antibodies are known as the little proteins that safeguard your body's immune system from hazardous pathogens. Believe it or not, research has shown that contact with some dirt and minor ailments actually keeps your whole body and digestive tract stronger. This doesn;t mean  that you shouldn’t put into practice essential cleanliness on the way — you must still wash both your hands or make use of a little hand sanitizer here and there — but getting some new germs in your lifetime isn’t a bad thing.  One blog writer even suggests after several years on the streets, travelling has actually been his best probiotic.  Each time you travel around, your whole body adapts to a very large number of fresh microorganisms, in turn causes it to become stronger.

4. Travel boosts your brain health

Travel broadens your mental state. You make new friends. You adjust to new situations. It causes you to become more internationally and ethnically aware. This really is all good to improve your health because new life experiences enhance cognitive flexibility, keeping the mind sharp.  Research shows a connection between travel and an improvement in creativity, a deeper feeling of cultural awareness and personal growth. And according to the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, those who travel and study in foreign countries tend to be more open and mentally stable.

5. Travel will keep you fit

Travelling could mean sitting for several hours inside a moving vehicle until finished, but also means several possibilities to force yourself to only be active. When we take a trip, we at times wish to explore to check out all there is to check out — we spent money to get there, after all — so we’re more apt to attempt an extreme sport, walk the city streets a lot more than we would at home, or hike to find out the best views of the surroundings. Whether or not you make plans to stay all day on the beach, walking on the sand will force your muscles to function doubly hard.

6. You might find a lot of places on Earth that have

     therapeutic properties

They usually might not be within your own backyard.  When you take a trip, you're able to visit healing sites that others don’t — like the natural hot springs of Turkey, Iceland or Costa Rica that draw on the earth’s healing properties. Soaking in these mineral-rich waters can change your complexion, relieve pain and stress, and boost long life. Energy vortexes — are out there, to start with — and are also sacred places comprised of ‘anything that flows,’ no matter whether wind, water or electricity. They are the places where the earth’s powers come together to heal, uplift, and invigorate. Some prominent energy points include Stonehenge and the pyramids of Egypt.  However there are also vortexes within your United Stares in places like Sedona, AZ and Mount Desert Island, Maine.

7. Travel will help you live longer.

It’s true; those who travel normally have an extended life expectancy. Whether local or global, all forms of travel enhance our lives and could actually increase our life span. Research has shown that travel decreases stress, keeps your body healthy completely, and boosts brain health. This leads to a greater probability of living longer and also to having more enjoyable life. 

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