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The Holy Land: Why must all Christians travel to this mystical destination?

The Holy Land is where it all started -- the land into which Abraham first traveled from Ur. This is the land that God promised to Abraham and to his descendants. The belief that there is but one God or monotheism started right here and this is the place where Isaac, Jacob, Sara and Lea resided. This is actually the territory that many armies and nations have, throughout the ages, aspired to conquer and be in command of; the land where David won over Goliath, and where Solomon built his temple.

The bottom line is, Christians need to be here because this is the place where Jesus Christ was born, died, and raised from the dead. It is only in the Holy Land that you will be able to walk where Jesus set foot. It is here where you can follow in His footsteps and experience and feel the places where the disciples stepped with the Lord. It is in this land where Jesus accomplished his miracles, and the place where he was nailed to the cross to pardon the sins of all believers.

It is one thing to study the Bible when you are 6000 miles somewhere else, but it will be a completely different experience doing so when you are in the Holy Land.  For example, the texts truly come to life when you read the Sermon on the Mount while standing right on the mountain where Jesus delivered the Eight Beatitudes.  Likewise, it really is one thing to read about the Empty Tomb, but becomes an extraordinary encounter once you go inside to view the tomb with your own eyes. Indeed, it is only in Israel that the Bible truly comes to life in totally 3-dimensional technicolor glory.

There are many vacation spots across the world to enjoy, but Christian believers should aim at least once during their lifetime to visit the Holy Land to see, feel, walk and pray daily where Jesus lived, taught, was nailed on the cross and raised from the dead.

At Travia Travel and Tours, we see to it that you achieve this goal by helping you find the cheapest possible all-in tour package to suit your hard-earned budget.  Don’t worry, anything spent for the Lord will definitely come back tenfold or maybe more plus the enormous non-financial blessings that you will get from the tour. 

Happy trip and enjoy your spiritual journey.

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